Swimming for Her Savior

For a few months now, our daughter Katherine has been telling me that she has been praying and asking God to show her how to use her competitive swimming to glorify Him.  It has really started weighing on her heart that she has to make choices between church and swimming.  At the tender age of eleven, she is already starting to see how quickly the world gets in the way of leading a Christ-centered life. 

Seriously.  This kid of mine has such a mature relationship with the Lord – probably more mature than my own relationship with Him.  It’s the one blessing for which I am most grateful!

 As many of you know, Katherine is a competitive swimmer for a USA swim team.  She does well at her sport and has advanced more rapidly than we could have ever guessed was possible.  She swims her heart out whether at practice or in a race, and she absolutely loves every single minute she’s in the water.  She is dedicated, focused and determined to do her absolute best – and a truly loyal teammate.  She’s at it five days a week, two solid hours or more each of those days.  And 8am practice every Saturday morning.  Then there’s the summer 5am practices and two-a-days.  Very committed.

As much as she loves swimming, she loves the Lord more.  Way more.  And it has been a struggle for her to balance her church life with swimming.  She misses out on Wednesday night fellowship in order to attend practice.  She misses church at least one Sunday morning each month to compete in meets.  It has not been easy for her to make these choices.  God has blessed her with a talent, and she knows in her heart that He wants her to use her talent to reach others for Him. 

But she’s been waiting on a word from Him.  And waiting.  And waiting.

Until now.

Inspired by a few news articles and a photo of Tim Tebow’s eye black {quarterback, Denver Broncos}, Katherine is now determined to spread the gospel in much the same way:  instead of eye black {just wouldn’t look right on a swimmer J}, Katherine will have scripture written across her back at every meet she attends.  As she walks the pool deck, stands at the blocks, or is warming up between events, hundreds of people of all ages will be able to see where her heart truly lies. 

While her method may not trigger the 93 million Google hits for a particular scripture as did Tim Tebow’s, it is a way for her to possibly reach many others and share God’s word.  And maybe even lead an unsaved soul to Christ. 

At her meet this weekend, Katherine said several people asked her about the scripture on her back.  One was an adult that was timing at the blocks, the others were all kids aged 9-14. 

Katherine told us that she will continue to pray about how she can use swimming to honor the Lord.  She is prepared to do more, and wholeheartedly knows she can.

And why not?  After all, “nothing is impossible with God.”

Blessings to one and all,


  1. I love this! What would this world be like if all of our kids were devoted and as determined to live like this?

    May God bless her efforts!

  2. you have a beautiful blog my friend!
    -Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  3. I literally stumbled upon your blog...via a pinterest craft project (see, pinterest CAN be a good thing ;), and am so energized. I, too, homeschool my kids (11 yr old son, 9 yr old daughter), and also have a successful competitive swimmer. She (or honestly more me) has been feeling a bit burned out on the sport, and after three years without a break, I can't say I blame her. I will certainly be sharing this post with her. It may be just the thing to breath meaningful life into the sport she has always loved. Let your daughter know her faith has impact far beyond her pool deck!!


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