It's Monday!

Like my newly designed blog?  It's a little different -- but the design was totally free {thank you, LeeLou Blogs}! 

Today is our day with Josiah.  For those of you who don't know, Katherine and I are getting to hang out with Coach Matt Winton's little guy.  Coach Matt and his wife, Mandy (also known at Mrs. Coach Matt), recently moved to Pearland to be closer to their jobs (Matt's at Dawson HS and Mandy is a NICU nurse at Hermann).  Their Monday morning schedule ended up with a major kink and our family was asked by the Wintons if we could watch Josiah. 

Josiah has been coming to play with us since early November.  Our Mondays start VERY early at about 5:50am, but Josiah is such a little trooper.  He joins me and Mr. Doug for breakfast and enjoys updating us about his weekend adventures.  Once Katherine gets up, though, he totally ignores me and only has time for her.  Katherine LOVES Josiah, and it helps that he is a super easy two-year-old.  We have had some really fun times together!

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