Today's Fabulous Finds: L*O*V*E Letter Photo Art: Free Prints!

What a week! 

u   Dad fell down, but thankfully didn’t break his crown – just banged himself up pretty good. 

v    The washing machine started to emit an acrid burning rubber     smell, but Super Hubby managed to dismantle the       beast and it’s as good as new.

I love it when the Lord has my back!

You know how much I love my family {and my cherished friends}, and how much I love special projects celebrating those meaningful relationships. I found this sweet and original piece on one of the blogs I follow. While I definitely love the artwork and the talent behind the project, what I appreciate even more is the meaning that it has for Janet and her family.

Follow the link to read about this special little project celebrating a love of family.  Let me know if you create a little masterpiece of your own!

 Today's Fabulous Finds: L*O*V*E Letter Photo Art: Free Prints!: "I've seen letter photo art around for awhile now, but for some reason I suddenly became very interested in it this week and just had to tr..."


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