A Definite Blessing in the Form of a Man Named Dalton

Carl Dalton, that is.  Mr. Dalton is the owner of Dalton Air Conditioning and Heating in Pearland, Texas.  He and his son, James, have come to our rescue the past two summers, and in a very BIG way last week.  After limping along the last few years, our 10 year old a/c kicked the bucket last Thursday around 2:30 in the afternoon.  Can you say HOT?

Knowing ahead of time that we were not able to pay our bill in full, James made his way to our house after a sweltering full day of work, arriving at 8pm.  He worked for two solid hours in the heat, humidity and mosquitoes and determined that all was not lost -- we would not have to replace the entire system, but there were major repairs to be made to the outside unit.  James made the repairs, and told us to "pay him when we could". 

Two years ago when I met James' dad, Carl, he gave me his business card.  On it was an icthcus and a quote from scripture -- John 3:17.  Not only do father and son run an honest and reliable business, they most certainly walk the talk.

We have paid half of our monetary debt to the Daltons, and plan to pay in full on the next payday.  However, we owe James and Carl so much more for their extraordinary kindness.

Yep, Carl and James Dalton.  Counted among my blessings.

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