Dog Blessed

As most of you know, we are a dog (and lone cat) kind of family. We have been blessed with the sweetest, kindest pups and they have brought immeasurable joy to our lives. Every single bump and shake in life at the Welch household has been made more bearable by a sweet snuggle or a wet kiss to lick our salty tears away. That's why when I found out about a Houston organization called Corridor Rescue that had a need for a foster family, I just knew we were about to be dog blessed again.

Today we met our foster pup, Joey. She is an emaciated, broken bodied 11 month old terrier mix that has a broken femur and is covered with mange. Yet the minute Katherine and I saw her, our hearts just melted. She is the sweetest thing and a very loving soul in the midst of her suffering.

Thankfully, through Corridor Rescue and Tracey Animal Hospital in Cypress, Joey is slowly starting to heal. She has had surgery on her broken leg and is walking on it fairly well, though you can tell she is still sore. She has been on medication to treat her mange and is already starting to grow hair back on some of her body. She was found with a horrible eye infection and all traces of it are gone -- all you can see is the love in her eyes under some of the longest eyelashes we have ever seen!

Our current furry crew will have to wait a bit to welcome their new sibling, but we are confident that everyone will be the best of friends. We can't wait!

Yes, we will be very, very dog blessed!

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  1. You are amazing Jill, and I thank you for including us in your life. You know I'm as big a dog lover as you are, but I still have not been able to musted the courage to become a foster family for a puppy. I had someone giving me a puppy (Marley) a few weeks ago, and Kurstin and I were able to find him a family after 6 days but even though we talked about not being able to keep him, Kurstin cried all night for him the day he left. She still has the pictures and memories of when he was here, but her heartache was too much for me.
    Maybe when she is more mature, we will be able to become foster families too. Sadly, the need for it will still be there.
    Blessings to your family,
    Scarlett Kutch


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