It WAS a Great Day!

The Great Day Houston set
The benefits of homeschooling have paid off already this week. The nice weather has allowed us to spend time outdoors in the middle of the day -- a picnic lunch on the lawn and climbing a tree in the cul-de-sac were GREAT breaktime activities that we both loved. Katherine was also invited to participate in the Houston Symphony's "Petting Zoo" during a live filming of Great Day Houston. She and a new homeschool friend, Zachary, were the only two children that participated, but I think they both had a very cool experience -- both with experimenting with various instruments, and getting a behind the scenes look at how a television show is directed and produced.

And we could not have been invited to a better show -- it's focus was on the international and cultural diversity of Houston. We were able to watch dance demonstrations by Indian dancers and a beautiful flamenco dancer with her talented guitarist accompanying her. Did you know that in flamenco dancing, the guitarist follows the dancers movements, not the otherway around? Normally, dance is choreographed to the music, but in the flamenco style, the musician watches the dancer and follows her movements and plays accordingly. I never knew that!

There were members of the Chinese-American community wearing traditional and Chinese inspired dress, plus female members of the Indian-American community wearing gorgeous saris. Oh, and they were doing a "Tailgating 101" segment with the Texans cheerleaders. Doug refused to get in the photo, but you know he really wanted to!

Oh, and there was a Harley biker club, and Blues Brothers impersonaters, too! 

So, on a day that would have been fairly ordinary, our family was blessed to have been invited to experience the extraordinary! If it were not for the invitation passed along from a friend, we would not have had such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you for blessing us, Nora Bernal and Suzanne Badger! We had a GREAT time! 

Katherine, Debra Duncan (host), Zachary

To see Kat's appearance on Great Day Houston

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