Thankful for the Little AND the Big Things!

Hello, friends!  The last two weeks have been so amazing.  Doug and I are watching Katherine really grow and thrive in our homeschool environment.  Children are so much brighter and perceptive than we give them credit -- present information to them in a fun or new way and you can just watch those wheels turn and the light bulb goes on and then BANG!  The world clicks for them in a whole new way and they can see people, places and situations with a fresh understanding and a greater appreciation.  It's like watching the sun come from behind the clouds to make a sparkling rainbow in a stormy sky -- truly awe inspiring.  I am so thankful for this special time!

Sweet Kayla Bear
We also welcomed home our sweet foster dog, Kayla (formerly known as Joey).  She has doubled her body weight (up to 13 lbs. from 7 lbs!) and had put on a nice, healthy layer of fat and muscle on her emaciated little body.  She is even starting to grow back some of her fur that was lost due to her severe mange.  Kayla is such a good girl taking her medicated baths and the ton of medicine she has to take twice daily.  She's looking very content with her silky new hair and little pot belly!  Her broken femur is healing nicely, though she still needs physical therapy to help her bend that leg.  It definitely doesn't slow her down -- she is a big cuddle bug with her big sister, Daisy, and is always up for a game of tug-o-war with her favorite playmate, Rosy.  She is really thriving and we couldn't be happier to share our home, our love -- and our couch -- with baby Kayla!

I have also been inspired these last two weeks by a longtime friend of mine who has faced breast cancer and beat it hands down.  While she has undergone a double mastectomy, she has certainly not slowed down much.  She moves a bit slower than I'm used to seeing her move, but the woman has a will that exceeds the pain and discomfort like no other person I have seen!  She remains firm in her faith, and is keeping up with her family in ways that I can't do as a completely healthy person!  I thank God for her, and selfishly, am so thankful that she will be here with me for a looooong, looooong time!!!

My Longhorn and my Rice Owl
watching the Rice v. UT game
I also remain grateful for my wonderful husband who is bearing the financial burdens of this family with a ceaseless determination to improve our situation.  He is working so hard to make sure we have all that we need and more, including a special art class for Katherine at the University of Houston.  I know that he is anxious about our situation, but he is handling it with a such a cool and level head.  I love him so much for that and pray that God blesses him for taking such good care of his family!

I wish all you all much happiness in the days ahead and hope that everywhere you look, you see both the big and little things in life -- and remember to be thankful.

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