Standing Firm

 I just heard about this movie and can't wait to see it.  Here is what the America Family Association has to say about the movie, Standing Firm:

 The worse this planet becomes, the more people ask that same old question... "If God Really Loves Me...Then Why Do I Suffer?"

It's the basis for all kinds of attacks against the God of the Bible and His teachings. It's even used to attack the evidence of His existence and the legitimacy of the Christian faith.

The response typically given to "Do You Believe in God?," is almost always the same. If there is a God and he loves me then he wouldn't do that, he wouldn't cause this, he wouldn't allow this to happen, and on it goes. Standing Firm aims to answer those questions and counteract that kind of thinking. 
- Is there a purpose in my suffering?

- Is God truly Sovereign?

- Is there a purpose in all things, even my death or someone else's?

- Why do these things happen to me!?Watch the trailer below and tell me what you think.  Do you want to see the movie?

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