Heartthumpers in the Kitchen

So, I'm in the kitchen this morning trying to pull together Sunday breakfast when my sweet hubby walked in.  Without a word, he leaned up against the counter and pulled me into one of his bear hugs {Doug gives the best bear hugs.  Seriously -- if you haven't received one of Doug's bear hugs, you should go ask him for one!}. 

God knew what He was doing when He put the two of us together because we fit just like puzzle pieces:  my 5'3" frame fits perfectly into his 6'1" bear hug.  My head rests right in the center of his chest, allowing me to listen to the deep and solid beat of his heart.  Listening to my hubby's heartthumpers gives me such comfort and peace.  A lovely, lovely way to start the day.

Amazingly, the day has gotten even better!

My heartthumper offered to be the science teacher today and is doing an awesome job working with Katherine on two science units.  She is loving having a break from me teaching her, and having a scientist for a Daddy makes for waaay more fun science lessons.  Seriously, today's instruction has incorporated slinkys, a painted shoe box, a light stick and a penguin pen. Doug seems to be enjoying his teaching role, too.  I think he gets a big kick out of seeing her learn and understand a new concept he has taught her.  And I get some warm heartthumpers of my own watching the two loves of my life snuggled and working together.

God is so good.  I am truly grateful for this day! 

May your days be blessed!

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