Is It Hot In Here...?

So, last night Doug and I hired our first babysitter in ages and attended a Valentine themed dinner theater at our church.  Before the show began there were messages from all of the husbands to their wives scrolling on a screen at the front of the sanctuary.  When Doug's message to me came up, the audience was treated to a good belly laugh.  Doug's message read:


I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul.


PS:  Is it hot in here or is it just you?

To see those words up there {even that last part!} made me so thankful that I have the perfect man for me.  After all of these years -- the better part of two decades -- he still loves me enough to put it out there for all to see.  What a dear, sweet man.  And for the record, that post script was a line he fed me years ago on our way home from a movie date!  Ha!

An added treat was a surprise of {more} dessert at The Chocolate Bar!  We had never been there and made up for lost time with a piece of the Any Day's a Holiday cake that was literally 12" high and about three inches wide!  Check out this bad boy!

At The Chocolate Bar, any day is a holiday. That's why we developed this fabulous cake with four layers of alternating heavenly chocolate cake and moist, yellow cake; all held together with a traditional rich and chocolaty, "melt in your mouth", ice box frosting. Makes any day worth celebrating

We finished off the night with an emergency call from home -- our oldest dog {sweet Daisy Mae} was having a seizure and could we please come home quickly?  We made it home from the Rice Village area out to the 'burbs in record time.  The awesome Lauren had everything under control and Daisy was in recovery mode. 

Thankfully, everything ended well and the sitter, dogs, and daughter were happy campers by night's end.

It may not have been the perfect date night, but it was perfect for me.  It's my blessed life, and I'm rollin' with it!

I wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Glad the night ended okay with your dog:)


  2. Hi Jill! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Your blog is beautiful and I am so glad your evening ended well! Sounds like your husband is a keeper ;) Happy Valentine's Day!


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