Warm Fuzzies All Around

Wow.  Today has been a day of good news, acts of kindness and lovely compliments. 

A sweet friend is now cancer free after having endured drastic facial surgery and radiation for many, many weeks. Renee is a survivor whose faith never wavered.  She stood strong in the armor of her God and He most certainly came to her rescue.  The lessons I've learned from her and her amazing sister-in-law {my beloved friend, Colleen}...!

Another precious friend, a young lady by the name of Hannah, has been inspired to adopt a giraffe using all of her allowance money she has been saving.  She and her mom {the amazing Colleen} just finished a unit study on Africa.  They were researching animals and found the African Wildlife Foundation {http://www.awf.org/}.  Hannah, an animal lover if there ever was one, was moved to action and selflessly brought her mom the $35 of saved allowance so she could help the cause.  After completing her online transaction, Hannah was on cloud nine all day and all night.  Such a special young lady and she certainly knows how to be a blessing to others!

And last but not least, I was super honored today to receive email from two wonderful ladies who I have never had the pleasure of meeting.  One email was from Stephanie Lynn  of Under the Table and Dreaming {http://www.bystephanielynn.com/} and the other was from Monika Wright of I Love It All 
{http://iloveitallwithmonikawright.blogspot.com/}.  Their blogs are the first blogs I ever followed because they not only are very talented, crafty women, but because their blogs were about so much more than their craftiness -- their blogs were a way for these women to show that their greatest blessings in life were not just the gift of creativity, but the gift of family.  While I love reading about their very impressive and fun projects, I really enjoy reading about the bonds they have forged with their family and friends.  These two ladies were nice enough to comment on one of my own family inspired projects and their kindness and compliments mean more than they could know!

Thank you Renee, Colleen, Hannah, Stephanie and Monika for giving me warm fuzzies today! 

Continued blessings to one and ALL!

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  1. Well, I'll just say it again...love your cake board family quote project!


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