Love is in the Air!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I am rather looking forward -- for the first time -- to celebrating the Hallmark holiday.

Usually Valentine's Day is rather hectic and bit stressful, especially when the holiday falls on a school day -- the parties, the candy, the sugar high and subsequent sugar cRaSh.  There's lots of anxiety for husbands and boyfriends, wives and girlfriends to find the perfect romantic gift. 

Heart Bouquet
made from old book
pages and jute

This year, our family started celebrating Valentine's day just after the new year.  I mean, why should February 14 be the big day for celebrating how much you love someone?  Don't we love all year long?  And do chocolates on that day mean more than a small token of niceness on a random day during the year?  I think not.

Burlap Wrapped Candles
with handmade book page
flower and button

So, we started by doing things the old fashioned way -- handmade trinkets from the heart.  For each other and for our friends and family.  Lots of little signs of love sprinkled all over the house.  Love notes tucked under pillows, in lunches, the fridge, on the shower door, in swim bags, school books and even a few will turn up in someone's shoes.  Watch out -- you may be next...

Katherine and I are also hosting a small get together with three other sets of homeschool families to celebrate, share time together and enjoy some down time.  We are REALLY looking forward to this and have planned lots of yummy treats and a few fun games.

 Felt {Heart} Wreath
I hope that you are able to start your Valentine's celebrations early this year and try to share the love all year long!

Blessings to you!

Stamped Linen

Coffee Beans & Twigs Tree
Passes the Hannah S. test of
"soooo cute" decor -- and
it smells yummy, too!

Paper hearts
made from old book pages


  1. I like the idea of slipping little love notes for family members in unexpected places. I'm going to do that with my family!

  2. It is all so pretty! I especially love the heart bouquet & stamped linen..GORGEOUS!


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